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Joy of Yoga is a school of yoga that blends elements of Traditional Indian Rāja Yoga, East Asian Yīn Yoga, and Modern Haṭha Yoga to create a complete, comprehensive, well-balanced system of yoga that focuses on the health and wellness of the body, mind, and spirit.

The components of Joy of Yoga are:

Joy of Yoga does not limit its techniques to any one style of yoga or set practice. It adheres to the principle of non-harming in that everything is welcomed as long as it is not harmful, either directly or indirectly. In regard to posture practice, focus is on alignment only to the point that it does not hurt the body to be aligned. Modifications are encouraged according to ability and comfort. Practitioners are taught to listen to their bodies and select the modifications and techniques that work for them.

Several stretching techniques are used to improve strength and flexibility, including but not limited to active and passive stretching; static and dynamic stretching; active/passive stretching; gravity; and props such as weighted bags, the wall, and straps.

Joy of Yoga teaches several breath regulation techniques, three of which are used during posture practice: Skull-shining Breath and Ocean Breath are usually performed during dynamic postures. Ocean Breath is also utilized during yoga flows and strengthening static postures. Belly Breath is done to calm the body in relaxing postures. Focusing on the breath during posture practice enhances concentration, calms the mind, and stimulates the brain. Posture practice is used to strengthen the body, boost energy and stamina, increase flexibility and balance, improve circulation and digestion, and heal the body.

Meditation and empowerment exercises are used to destress and calm, to reduce anxiety and depression, to enhance mental focus and clarity, to improve attention span and memory, to deepen intuition, to develop creativity, to increase compassion and empathy, and to reduce anger.

Joy of Yoga as a Social Business

Joy of Yoga is a social business. It seeks to address a social objective, health and wellness. It is in the business of maximizing social benefits and not profits although it seeks to be financially self-sufficient to expand reach and improve service.

Investors invest in Joy of Yoga to help the organization achieve its social objectives and receive no personal monetary gain. Investors can gradually recoup money invested but cannot receive any money beyond that point. The business must cover all costs and make revenue, but at the same time achieve its social objective, which is helping others achieve health and wellness of the body, mind, and spirit. Success of the business is measured by how well the business achieved it's social objective rather than the amount of profit made in a given period. Sustainability of the company indicates that it is operating successfully.

Principles of Joy of Yoga as a Social Business:


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